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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers Unified School District


In order to facilitate rigorous, culturally inclusive, standards-based instruction to challenge ALL students academically, we provide high quality curriculum, professional development and instructional materials for teachers, staff and families.


Ensure that ALL students are able to function within a culturally diverse society and the global arena by promoting high levels of student learning through the following practices:
  • developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum that is both challenging and engaging
  • increasing human capital through researched-based professional development
  • providing standards-based instructional materials

Standards of Excellence

  • Students are ensured access to the same high quality curriculum and instruction district-wide.
  • All district personnel are provided with opportunities to participate in research-based professional development to improve knowledge and skills
  • Instructional materials are delivered within 24 hours of request
Our Services

Our Services

  • Provide access to a variety of materials in varying formats to all district students, staff, and families;
  • Support "information literacy" instruction to all district students;
  • Provide materials and support to district educators in designing learning experiences which support curruicular and 21st century learning goals; and
  • Foster a passion for reading in all district students.


Director of Professional Development & Curriculum and Instruction
Ext. 34428
Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction
Ext. 34460
Coordinator of Curriculum & Instruction 
Ext. 34425
Instructional Materials Coordinator
Ext. 36420