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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a specialized program within TRUSD's Student Services department that is dedicated to enhancing education outcomes and academic achievement for students living in foster care (e.g., with relative caregivers, foster care, and group homes).
What We Provide

What We Provide

  • Case management and support services for students and their families grades 9-12.
  • School site support for grades K-8.
  • Work collaboratively with social workers and Child/Welfare/Attendance (CWA) to ensure school stability
  • Expedite and assist with prompt school enrollment and transfer student records
  • Participate in case-conference and educational meetings
  • Information for county wide Foster Youth/guardian events
  • Lead district/county Independent Living Program (ILP) for all eligible 16-18 year old students

TRUSD Independent Living Program (ILP):

***Due to school closures, all ILP field trips and ATTITUDE EXPLOSION have been postponed until further notice***
During school closure please access the following resources for:
Career Exploration/Budgeting

Mental Health Services

The Source Sacramento- Support for Foster Youth and their Caregivers

916-787-7678 OR 916-SUPPORT

Support for Youth

  • Support you in handling life’s challenges.
  • Help to solve problems and create a plan for the future.

Support for Caregivers

  • Assistance in overcoming conflicts and challenges in your family.
  • Intense, short-term help is available.

Foster Youth & Their Caregivers

  • Priority given to current and former foster youth, or caregiver of a foster youth.
  • Youth can join our monthly fun activities for a positive change in your life.


  • Get connected to other supports and programs in the community.


  • Get support from staff with lived experiences similar to youth and caregivers

Support when & Where needed

  • Get support by Phone, Text or Live Chat whenever you need it most, and we will help you make a plan for wellness.
  • Face-to-face help at home, in-school or other safe community locations
Foster Youth Services Staff

Foster Youth Services Staff

                    Tiffany Hunt                       Foster Youth Liaison    Foothill/Highlands Region

Maria Salgado
K-8 Foster Youth Counselor


                      Ana Broadbent                                    Foster Youth Liaison                             Rio Linda/Del Paso Region

Anita McMillian
9-12 Foster Youth Counselor