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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Most serious school bus incidents occur when children are outside the buses and most involve children under the age of nine.

10 Rules for Bus Safety

Help keep children safe by teaching 10 simple safety rules:
  • Be early for the bus.
  • Never run to or from the bus.
  • Be alert and stand back from the curb.
  • Don't push or shove.
  • Stay in your seat.
  • Don't yell or shout.
  • Always obey the driver.
  • Wait for the driver's signal before crossing the street.
  • Always walk at least 12 feet (6 giant steps) in front of the bus when crossing the street.
  • Never crawl under a school bus.

Keeping Children Safe at Bus Stops

Adults should go with children to, and meet children at, yellow bus stops. This is required for kindergarten students.

Remove Drawstrings

Drawstrings on clothing can catch in school bus doors, as well as on playground equipment, fences and escalators. Remove or shorten drawstrings on children's shirts, jackets or backpacks, or replace drawstrings with another kind of fastener that does not have a knot on the end.

Avoid Using Gadgets Near Buses

Headphones, cell phones and MP3 players are examples of gadgets that can distract children from knowing when a bus is approaching. Urge your children to wait to use gadgets such as these until they are a safe distance from the bus.

Stay Out of Bus Danger Zones

Parents/guardians should help children learn about the bus "Danger Zones," such as the bus' wheels, front and rear. School buses will park bumper-to-bumper in a loading zone to prevent students or adults from walking between buses. Teach your child to stay at least 12 feet (6 giant steps) away from a parked school bus.

clipart of school bus danger zones

Crossing Streets Safely

Tips for crossing the street safely:
  • STAY on your side of the road — far back from the road edge and away from traffic.
  • WAIT for the bus to stop and LOOK for the driver's signal to cross the street. Making eye contact with the bus driver is important for safely crossing a street.
  • CHECK traffic both ways — then check again.
  • CROSS the street directly across, checking traffic both ways.
  • WALK about 12 feet (6 giant steps) ahead of the bus' bumper.
  • BOARD the bus quickly.
  • ALL STUDENTS 8th GRADE AND BELOW must be escorted by the school bus driver.

Exiting the Bus

Tips for crossing the street safely after getting off the bus:
  • WALK along the side of the road until you can see your bus driver.
  • STOP and wait for the signal to cross from the driver.
  • LOOK for traffic both ways. If you see a vehicle that has not stopped, go back to the bus immediately.
  • CROSS the road quickly after all vehicles have stopped.