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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers Unified School District

YoutubeBehavior Bits

Behavior Bits are a collection of short videos that help you understand the science of behavior and how to apply it in everyday life, bit by bit.
Video 2: Consistency is the Key, A large key going into a lock which is a piece in a whole puzzle.  All Puzzle pieces are a plain sliver color.
Video 3 Reinforcement vs Punishment; Mom and Daughter high fiving on the left with a big VS thunder bolt in the middle of the picture.  Then on the right a young girl curled up into a ball, burying her face into her legs with a big shadow on the back wall with its index finger up.
Video 4: a mom and her son, both frustrated  over trying to do school work under distance learning during COVID-19.  Video is about Behavior Bits
Video 5: Functions of Behavior: How to determine why your child may be engaging in challenging behavior picture is just a pattern of squares put together.
Video 6 Text: "Behavior Bits Reinforcement versus Bribery Twin Rivers Unified School District" in a partial rectangle within top left and bottom left corner and short boarders.
Video 7: How to Creat Token Boards on the left a picture of Token Boards.  A board going up vertically on its side with holes of different colors in it.  On the right is text that says, "How to Create Token Boards Step by Step Instructions."
Video 8: Coping Strategies Text "Behavior Bits Coping Strategy: What is it and how to use it for your child.  Twin Rivers Unified School District." Background Sliver with water drops on a surface.
Video 9 Token Boards Boy sitting down with a text book open and writing in the work book.  1/3rd of the picture darkened with a vertical dark rectangle that says, "Behavior Bits Token Boards How to increase motivation at home."
Video 10: Visual Supports Background is a blue talk bubble that says "Behavior Bits  Visual Supports: How to best design and implement schedules for your child Twin Rivers Unified School District"
Everybody Mask Up Video 1:  5 Young guys wearing masks while looking up at the camera.  Back to school video dealing with COVID-19.
Additional Resources

Additional Resources

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