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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Math and Science

We are excited to share more resources from the REL program focused on helping parents and caregivers support student learning at home. The activities below are based on evidence-based recommendations from What Works Clearinghouse Practice Guides. We encourage educators to share these activities with families to supplement their instruction.

Encouraging Girls in Math and Science: Three Powerful Female Role Models

woman in white coat
In an effort to counteract negative gender stereotypes about women in the fields of math and science, REL West highlights three female role models that have made significant contributions in these areas. The readings, activities, and resource lists are designed for families and caregivers to share with children in grades 3–8.  View Resource
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Sharing Cookies: Developing Young Math Learners’ Understanding of Fractions

man and daughter
REL West developed a brief activity with simple ideas for how parents, grandparents, and caregivers can help children in grades 2–4 develop their understanding of fractions at home. The activity is designed to strengthen young learners’ practical understanding of this challenging mathematical concept.  View Resource

Two Strategies to Help Your Child Learn to Love Math

two children and a woman
When families cultivate children’s natural curiosity about numbers and shapes, they can help them develop a lifelong love of math—which can lay the foundation for academic success. This short video by REL Northwest will teach parents and guardians two practical, evidence-based strategies for helping kids learn and appreciate math.  View Video
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