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Twin Rivers Unified School District

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Click HERE for TRUSD Charter Resource Manual

Petitioners renewing their Charter School Petition should communicate with the District as early in the school year (July - August).  Sharilyn Marshall, Project Manager will work with petitioners to identify the best submission timelines for all parties.  Petitioners are encouraged to work with timelines that allow utilization of the current year's board meeting schedule and avoid timelines that require a special meeting of the Board to be called.
Petitions must be submitted at least 120 days before the term of the charter is due to expire.  
  • STEP 1:  Between July and August, the petitioner contacts TRUSD to determine submission timelines that work with both the petitioner's schedule and the current year's Board schedule.   
  • STEP 2:  Petitioner provides written notification of exact submission date (2 weeks prior) and schedules a meeting (email:
  • STEP 3:  During the scheduled meeting, the petitioner submits a digital and hard copy of the petition along with certification stating the petition is complete. 
  • STEP 4:  Twin Rivers conducts a preliminary petition review during the scheduled meeting.  If the petition is complete, TRUSD accepts the petition and the review process begins.  Incomplete petitions will not be accepted.
  • STEP 5:  Public Hearing (within 60 days of submission)
  • STEP 6:  TRUSD posts recommendations 15 days prior to the decision.  
  • STEP 7:  Twin Rivers' Board of Trustees makes a final decision to approve or deny the petition (within 90 days of submission, 120 if mutually agreed upon).


Creative Connections Arts Academy (K-6 & 7-8) 07/01/2021-06/30/2026
Smythe Academy of Arts & Sciences (PK-6 & 7-8) 07/01/2019-06/30/2026
Westside Preparatory Charter  07/01/2021-06/30/2026


California Innovative Career Academy  07/1/2019-06/30/2026
Community Collaborative Charter   07/01/2017-06/30/2024
Community Outreach Academy  07/01/2017-06/30/2024
Futures High School  07/01/2017-06/30/2024
Heritage Peak  07/01/2020-06/30/2027
Higher Learning Academy  07/01/2017-06/30/2024
Highlands Community Charter  07/01/2019-06/30/2026
Sacramento Academic & Vocational Academy  06/01/2017-07/30/2024